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Centre of Joy is a space to promote living a life of joy. Its various services aim to empower you with self-healing options, so as to connect to, communicate with, and care for our whole being. And that you can integrate these skills and knowledge to manage life stresses, and enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well-beings.

No matter which life stage or what condition you are in right now, there is a better and more joyous way to live, if you just allow yourself to find it. We are here to help. 

areas we can help you with


Pick up your feet and feel the joy in life, be ready to explore and savour what life brings you.


Have the clarity of mind to steer towards a fulfilling future, make good decisions and seize opportunities.


Realize your own potential and have the strength and trust to move forward.

Self Awareness

Be connected and understand yourself better. Learn to listen to your body and emotions.

Zentangle® Method

Using simple strokes to unleash your potential and creativity, release stress and induce calmness


Yoga is a way of life that we cultivate through breathwork, visualization and connection to the body

Sound Healing

Everything is energy. Sound vibrational frequencies penetrate to balance and rejuvenate

Bach Flower Emotional Management

Balance negativities with positive energies to restore clarity of mind for overall wellbeing


Understanding messages from the universe and using them wisely to guide our path ahead and mend relationships


Look out for wellness programs and workshops offered by CoJ partners
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Cultivate wholesome awareness and compassionate kindness in daily living
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We All Need Help to Realize What We Need Most

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Don't know where to start? Contact us for a chat. The wellness modalities complement each other, and there is one for you

Conditioning the Mind and Body

Try the Zentangle method to destress and reconnect, or commit to a yoga session for your wholesome wellbeing

Workshops, Courses & Events

Empower yourself with knowledge, skills and wisdom to face up to challenges in life

Corporate Workshops

Tell us your theme and what you need, and we will work out the rest

We are here to support and walk the journey with you

We are wellness practitioners, sound practitioners, and bodywork practitioners, and artists who use art in a therapeutic way.

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Calendar of courses, workshops and events at Centre of Joy

Join us for trial classes, free talks, structured courses and certification workshops

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What Clients Are Saying

“For as long as I could remember I had always been someone who is perpetually depressed. I chanced upon the Bach flower remedies whilst surfing the internet and booked an appointment. The consultation process was very therapeutic. Wai Fong was very empathetic, patient and listened intently in a non-judgmental way. The effect of the flower remedies on me was nothing short of amazing! I can now face challenges with stride, resolving problems with more compassion and wisdom than before. I am extremely grateful to Dr Bach for the flower remedies and Wai Fong for her kindness and guidance.”

Mavis Toh




"喜乐瑜伽是爱的瑜伽,因为即使没有强壮的体魄,力气或柔软度,都能练习喜乐瑜伽并且从中受益。它也不分男女老幼,让任何人都有机会根据自己的速度和身体能力来改善身体。上完几堂课,我明显的感觉到腿部慢慢恢复力气, 原本需很费力的上楼梯,慢慢的变得不那么费力, 每次上完课后都有明显的进步。"


"Very easy to follow and learning a lot of Zentangle patterns and techniques. Thank you very much!!"



Florentina Ng