Indulge your senses and embrace a journey towards holistic well-being at the annual Centre of Joy Open House! 

Join us for an exclusive exploration of a transformation awaiting. Immerse yourself in a day of rejuvenation as you experience complimentary mini-sessions of our signature wellness services, from uplifting emotional management, revitalizing yoga, mindful art, intriguing numerology, invigorating Seifu massage, to fascinating OH card reading.

Engage with our expert practitioners and learn about personalized wellness plans tailored just for you. Uncover the secrets to a balanced and vibrant life stress management and self-care. Be among the first to discover the line ups of courses and special offers. Mark your calendar for this extraordinary event, where health and harmony converge. Elevate your well-being and see you at the Centre of Joy Open House – a celebration of the journey to a healthier, happier you!

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How much do you embrace life? And how much do you think life embraces you? 你活出自我了吗?你有让自己活出自我吗?

7 Power Classes

The week that follows the Open House, CoJ wellness practitioners and partners specially curated 7 EMBRACE Power Classes, with the aim to empower and equip participants with self-care skills that they can draw on to embrace themselves in 2024, the year of the Dragon.

Sign up for all 7 classes to get great discounts!

The EMBRACE Journal


Feel the smile on your face when you see your goals being achieved, feel the warmth in the heart when you know it's okay to let go, feel the pride in you that you know you have embraced yourself for who you are.

The EMBRACE journal is specifically crafted to journey with you. You are not alone.  

The EMBRACE Journal will be available at CoJ Open House (2/Mar 11am - 3pm).

Open House program

Curious of what some of these modalities are? Join us at the Open House and  talk to the respective practitoners! 

The booths are opened from 11am to 1.30pm, and there will be mini-taster sessions after that when practitioners will introduce the modalities. 

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