Art Wellness Open Class 艺术养生补习班


Every last Wednesday of the month, 3pm to 8.30pm

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We believe that art is a practice, an expression, not just a technique to produce beautiful art pieces. Research has also shown a connection between engaging in art activities and improvements in overall wellbeing.

And so, we wish for Centre of Joy to be a welcoming open space for everyone to freely create or continue his/her artistic journey. We decide to open up the space for all to come and engage in art-making as a practice every last Wednesday of the month.

Here are some ways you can use the open classes for:

  • to engage in creative activities, no matter your level, find joy in the process of creation; bring your own work, or start a new project
  • to encourage personal growth and self-expression, and be amazed by the understanding you gained of yourself through art
  • to be part of a relaxed, nurturing and supportive community among like-minded people; to get ideas or feedback, to be inspired and also inspires
  • to spend quality time with yourself
  • to cultivate a habit of art-making


During these Open Classes:

  • some basic art materials will be provided, like colour pencils, water colour pencils, drawing pens, and basic art tools; please bring your own drawing materials if you are working on a specific project
  • please be mindful of the use of the space, keep it clean and remove all stains/spills during your work
  • there will be at least one Certified Zentangle Teacher present at each Open Class. There will not be any formal teaching of art project or technique, when asked, they will provide advice to the best of their capacities
  • please keep the space conducive for all to do art together


The Open Classes will be held every last Wednesday of the month, from 3pm to 8.30pm. 

Energy exchange: $10/session





Additional information

Art for Life Open Class 艺术养生补习班

28/Feb 3pm – 8.30pm, 27/Mar 3pm – 8.30pm, 24/Apr 3pm – 8.30pm, 29/May 3pm – 8.30pm, 26/Jun 3pm – 8.30pm, 31/Jul 3pm – 8.30pm, 28/Aug 3pm – 8.30pm, 25/Sep 3pm – 8.30pm, 30/Oct 3pm – 8.30pm, 27/Nov 3pm – 8.30pm


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