8-week MBCT-L (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life)


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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being with our 8-week course in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Life. This program integrates the principles of mindfulness and cognitive therapy to help you cultivate a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions, and empower you to live a more mindful and fulfilling life.


  • Introduction to Mindfulness: Explore the foundations of mindfulness, understanding its origins and principles. Learn various mindfulness techniques to bring attention to the present moment and enhance self-awareness. Develop a solid foundation for the integration of mindfulness into daily life.
  • Cognitive Awareness: Delve into the cognitive aspect of the course, understanding the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Identify and challenge automatic negative thought patterns, and cultivate cognitive flexibility. Learn practical strategies to reframe and shift perspectives.
  • Embracing Emotions: Mindfully Navigate the landscape of emotions through a mindful lens. Develop skills to observe and accept emotions without judgment, fostering emotional resilience. Learn how to respond to challenging emotions with compassion and mindfulness.
  • Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life: Discover how to integrate mindfulness into various aspects of your life, including work, relationships, and self-care. Explore strategies for maintaining a regular mindfulness practice beyond the course. Cultivate a mindset of self-compassion and sustainable well-being.

Throughout the course, you will engage in guided mindfulness practices, group discussions, and experiential exercises designed to deepen your understanding and application of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Whether you are new to mindfulness or seeking to deepen your practice, this course provides a supportive environment for personal growth and transformation. Join us on this journey to cultivate mindfulness, enhance cognitive resilience, and live a more fulfilling life.

Instructor: Dr Chiang Wai Fong (PhD)

Dr Chiang Wai Fong is the Founder of Centre of Joy. A linguistic anthropologist by training, Wai Fong respects and treasures each individual’s unique life experiences, and privilege these while sharing her varied expertise in positive identity building, emotional management, mindfulness practices, and stress reduction techniques with individuals who cross her path. A mother of a teenage girl, her mellow yet firm personality with keen listening ears are the reasons her clients find comfort in confiding in her.

Wai Fong offers regular courses to the public, as well as holds privately arranged courses/talks for corporate, organisations/associations, and social gatherings. Contact her to discuss details.

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8-week online | starting on 4 Aug at 7.30 – 9.30 pm, 8周正念生活 | 6月3日开课 2 – 4 pm


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