Inner Connection with OH Card 读心OH卡桌游


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Inner Connection with OH Card
Led by Dr Chiang Wai Fong

🍀Every first Friday evening of the month | 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

🍀Fee: $25

🍀Minimum 5 pax to start, maximum 8 pax

  • this session facilitates inner connection using OH cards. By expressing how and what one connects to the card one picks, the session helps to clear our minds and allows for suppressed ideas or emotions to surface, a process essential for self-healing
  • each session may use a different, or combination of several card decks from the OH card series. Join any session you are drawn to. No preparation needed, just allow what needs to be heal to naturally surface.
  • please be open to share and listen. we meet in the same space and time to see and learn from each other, and to lend mutual support.

What is OH card?

OH card is a series of metaphoric card decks, jointly developed by a German, Moritz Egetmeyer and a Mexican artist, Ely Raman. The original OH card deck has 88 word cards and 88 picture cards, allowing for as many as 7744 different combinations. Players pick their cards and give associative meanings to them. The cards may be used simply as a game, or to explore one’s subconscious beliefs for better understanding of the self, and heighten awareness.

The OH card decks do not draw on mystic guidance, and do not have pre-determined meanings for each card, all readings are done by the players through their own connection with the self. There are now more than 20 decks of OH card, including Personita (for children), ECCO (abstract art deck), Cope, Resilo, etc.


Instructor: Dr Chiang Wai Fong
Wai Fong is an anthropologist. She respects individual lived experiences and how these experiences affect one’s identity and behaviour. In her own self-healing process from several illnesses, Wai Fong realizes that only with acknowledging, accepting and affirming the self, that transformation is possible, and that this is a continuous process. She aspires to help people see themselves more deeply to connect and to appreciate who they really are. She currently focuses on the use of the pure and simple Bach flower remedy system for emotional management consultation, and also shares the Zentangle method to help her clients enhance self-worth and realize their potentials.

In her years of consultation work, Wai Fong has accumulated experiences in using the OH cards to help clients express and connect with themselves. Currently, she is conducting group therapy session using the OH card decks with the hope to allow more people to explore in a safe and comfortable environment, to find joy while embarking on a self-search and self-healing process.




🍀每月的第一个周五晚上 | 7.30 pm – 9 pm


🍀最少 5 人开课、最多 8 人


  • 这个桌游时间主要是让参与者通过 OH 卡连接自我,帮助自己厘清头绪,以温和的方式让隐藏的意识浮起,更深地认识自己,甚至自我疗愈。
  • 桌游活动将使用OH 卡系列里面的不同牌卡,或组合牌卡进行桌游。每月一次的活动可独立参加。参与者无需任何准备或设定任何想法、念头(除非特别提醒),让自己需要疗愈的的意识自然升起。
  • 活动以群聊/群疗的方式进行。我们会在同一个空间时间相聚,就是为了彼此看见和学习。因此,希望参与的朋友保持互相支持与彼此尊重的心态(即使有不同意见)。


OH 卡简介

OH 卡是一套自由联想及潜意识投射卡。由一名德国人Moritz Egetmeyer和一位墨西哥裔艺术家Ely Raman联合研发的,包括了88张文字卡和88张图像卡。这两组卡片可随意组合,可以出现多达7744种不同的组合情况。使用者可以借助这些不同的文字和图片,刺激我们的创造力和想象力,同时也能借此觉知自己的潜意识、看见矛盾、觉知惯性行为,从而促进对自我的认识,提升自我觉察力。

OH卡不同于一般牌卡,不属于神秘学范畴,没有预先设定的牌卡含义,所有解读由使用者自己提出,进行内在探索,直面真实感受,通过OH卡解读,找到、发现和真实地看见自己。以OH卡为中心的系列心灵图卡,已经发展到20余套,如“孩童卡”(Persontia)、“抽象图卡”(ECCO)、“克服卡”(Cope)、“复原卡” (Resilio)等。




在多年的咨询工作中,惠芳积累了使用OH 卡协助咨询者安心表达与自我连结的经验,目前开展读心OH卡桌游群疗,希望能让更多朋友在一个安全自在的环境里探索自我内在世界,开展自我实现的喜乐之旅。

Additional information

OH card session 读心OH卡

OH card session 8/Mar 7.30 pm – 9 pm, 读心OH卡 5/Apr 7.30 pm – 9 pm, OH card session 3/May 7.30 pm – 9 pm, 读心OH卡 7/Jun 7.30 pm – 9 pm, OH card session 5/Jul 7.30 pm – 9 pm, 读心OH卡 2/Aug 7.30 pm – 9 pm, OH card session 6/Sep 7.30 pm – 9 pm, 读心OH卡 4/Oct 7.30 pm – 9 pm


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