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Do you know that being focus actually helps to promote relaxation? Focusing on doing one stroke at a time using the Zentangle® method, we free our mind of unwanted thoughts and running ruminations.

Recent research have found that the Zentangle® method can:

  • provides educational benefits (2017 study by Sandra Hesterman and Gillian McAuliffe)
  • helps children during early development (2017 study by Gillian McAuliffe, and Sandra Hesterman)
  • used as art therapy tool (2016 study by Deborah A. Kopeschny)
  • reduce stress (2020 study by Rachel Immel)
  • reduce anxiety (study by Somphone Schwarzer, Eleanore Miller, et. al.)
  • enhance creativity (2020 study by Tung-Chung Chia, Po-Hsiang Liu and Bo-Jia Huang)
  • improve overall wellbeing (2019 study by Ha Ming Hui & Aini Marina Ma’rof)
  • how Zentangle helps people with schizophrenia (ongoing study between Zentangle Inc. and University of Massechusetts Medical School)

When we are faced with challenges, we have none other than ourselves to rely on to stay clear-minded, calm and be mindful of each present moment. Come learn a life skill that can help ease you through challenging moments. Using five simple strokes of dot, line, curve and orb (circles) repeatedly, the Zentangle method let us practice mindfulness while having fun creating endless beautiful patterns. Many participants were amazed by their own potential and creativity (that they did not know they have) after completing their Zentangle art pieces!

We believe that life itself is an art form and that Zentangle® is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.  You will experience the joy and satisfaction of creating your own artwork and leave with a clear understanding of the philosophy behind the method: “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.”TM

This course is suitable for all skill levels, interests, and ages.  It offers a gentle introduction to the world of Zentangle®.


✅ What is the Zentangle® method

Zentangle® is a self-help art practice that facilitates and enhances relaxation, focus and self-discovery.

Using just four basic strokes of dot, line, curve and ring, you can create unlimited designs and patterns. There is no need for erasers or sketching or pre-planning, let the lines and shapes organically evolve, guided by your inner self, and reflecting your true spirit.

Just like everyone is an artist of his or her own life, every Zentangle art piece is unique, breath-taking and awesome. If you can hold a pen, you can tangle. No art background needed, all are welcome

See a recent program on how Zentangle method helps with stress reduction 《养生有妙方 Good Health Good Life》 ep. 7 (from 11.35):

✅ What can I learn in this course?

In this course, you will

  • learn the Zentangle method systematically, one step at a time
  • be taught by experienced and passionate Certified Zentangle Teachers
  • understand the origin of the method, its philosophy and guiding principles
  • experience how this method can calm, soothe and de-stress
  • learn to cultivate a daily practice of self-care
  • practice gratitude, letting-go, acceptance, self-compassion, and other positive life attitudes
  • be familiar with basic terminology of the Zentangle method
  • learn how to record and read tangle patterns
  • discover the joy in simplicity and untangle from complexities
  • learn to fish instead of be given the fish

✅ Venue:

Centre of Joy (998 Toa Payoh North 03-10, S 318998, 6-8 minutes walk from Braddell MRT Stn Exit C)

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for online sessions


✅ Language of Instruction:

All our courses are conducted in English,  and our Certified Zentangle Teachers are effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. If you wish for a course to be conducted mainly in Mandarin, please contact us. 若想参加华语带领的课程,请与我们联系:
8892 6993 | hello.centreofjoy@gmail.com

✅ What participants say about the course?

“(The) Zentangle (method) brings out the hidden side in us. People don’t know they are artistic until they try doing Zentangle.”

“Simple to follow, easy to learn.”

“It frees my mind from unnecessary thoughts as Zentangle makes me focus and engage in the strokes. I have fallen in love with Zentangle – my best art therapy.”

“The mindful drawing helps me to slow down my active mind.”

“(After learning) Can do it anywhere anytime”



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ZT- Zentangle Basics

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