ZenBotanica: Botanical Bliss in Every Stroke


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This course is designed to take you on a journey of creativity and tranquility, where every pen stroke brings you closer to the serene beauty of nature. It is a blend of the Zentangle® method with botanical artistry, aimed at helping you unlock the joy and peace that comes from connecting with nature through art. 

This course offers a unique approach to drawing, inspired by the tranquil elegance of Zentangle® art and the captivating complexity of botany. You will learn how to create intricate patterns and designs inspired by nature, using simple strokes.

This course is ideal for anyone who enjoys drawing and appreciates the beauty of nature.  No prior knowledge of art is required.


Instructor: Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee is a Certified Zentangle Teacher™ (CZT®) and Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor. She started drawing and painting during her free time in 2015 and attended instructor certification courses in 2017. Presently, she is teaching both art in various community club, events and function.

These art form promote calmness and mindfulness as they are unplanned form of drawing, letting participant creating an art piece that reflect their peaceful state of mind during these courses.

With this in mind, she hopes that these art can benefit both children and adult as a reset in their hectic school work or work life.

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ZT- Zenbotanica

04, 11, 18, 25/Apr | 7.30pm – 9.30pm


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