"When you are all-inclusive, your experience of your existence becomes beautiful, and that is why you are joyful."

- Sadhguru -

Sound Therapy

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Personal Chakra Tuning Session (by Wai Fong)

Using the hand-crafted Elfen Energy Chimes tuned to the frequencies of different chakras in our body to calm and balance. You will also experience immersing in the sounds of Koshi wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, rain stick, etc. Contact us for more details and appointment.

Drum Circle (by Joey Lam)

Led by Joey Lam, the Women Drum Circle to feel the power of rhythm, to learn the techniques & spiritual aspects of the frame drum, a sacred instrument with ancient history where women were the first drummers of the land. No experience necessary. More details here

Chakra Dance & Sound Healing (by Joey Lam)

Every 1st Saturday of the month (from Jul to Dec) for Chakra healing and balancing with Chakra vocal toning, chakra meditation, Chakra dance, and ending the night with a Chakra balancing sound bath healing sound journey. Led by Joey Lam.
More details here

Numerology 探索生命密码

每个人的命运都受到一个数字的影响。希腊哲人与数学之父毕达哥拉斯 (Pythagoras) 认为环绕在生活周遭的数字与人类息息相关,万事万物背后都有数的法则在起作用。我们带着数字而来,但对这些数字,我们又了解多少?这些数字代表了我们的宿命,还是创造的契机?


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