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a line is just a line until we give meaning to it

Zentangle® is a self-help mindfulness practice that facilitates and enhances relaxation, focus and self-discovery.

Using just four basic strokes of dot, line, curve and orb, you can create unlimited designs and patterns. There is no need for erasers or sketching or pre-planning, let the lines and shapes organically evolve, guided by your inner self, and reflecting your true spirit. In mindful tangling, we adopt a non-judgmental approach, accepting and appreciating every stroke that we made. There is no mistake.

Just like everyone is an artist of his or her own life, every Zentangle art piece is unique, breath-taking and awesome. If you can hold a pen, you can tangle. No art background needed. Be amazed by your own potential and creativity!!

No art background needed. All are welcome.

Benefits of Zentangle®:

  • It’s a mindfulness meditative art, it soothes your nerves

  • it’s simple, it teaches you to appreciate repetitiveness--there’s no mistakes in Zentangle, anything and everything is possible and accepted

  • it reinforces aimlessness, nothing is everything

  • every creation is unique, learn to appreciate everything that happens

Why learn the Zentangle® method at Centre of Joy?

At Centre of Joy, we offer a variety of Zentangle courses. These include technique training courses as well as inspiring craft project courses. There are also courses that integrate the Zentangle method with different therapeutic art forms.  Our aims are to bring out the Zentangle philosophy in our workshops and classes, so that participants are able to discover their inner wisdom and use it in their daily lives, to feel joyful, empowered and balanced. We welcome you to join us in the safe and supportive space at Centre of Joy to begin an intimate conversation with your inner self through the process of tangling.

Tangling Essential

Learn Zentangle philosophy and tangling techniques to draw on white, black, round, gray and renaissance tiles

Mindful Tangling

Integrating mindfulness into tangling practice. A great alternative to sitting meditation. Cultivate inner peace and self-discovery

ZIA Art & Craft

Morphing different art forms to create something unique. Or add tangles to create one-of-a-kind craft projects


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Frequently Asked Questions about Zentangle Courses

beauty lies in simplicity


We have conducted Zentangle sessions to various institutions and agencies, from small groups to webinars of more than 100 pax. These sessions were conducted either onsite or online. The institutions we worked with include:

  • Various ministries and departments
  • Corporations' Team Bonding Events
  • Teachers' Welfare program
  • Primary and secondary schools students
  • Institute of Mental Health Townhall events
  • Religious organisations
  • non-profit organisations

We are also currently teaching Zentangle courses at the Brahm Centre.

Tangling Story #1

A lady who met with a bad accident years ago arranged a private Zentangle session with us. At the end of the 3-hour session, she said she felt hungry, a sensation that she said she had not felt after the accident. The session had relaxed her mind and body sufficiently to gain back her bodily sensation.

Tangling Story #2

We taught the Zentangle art to elder participants, of whom many have not held a pen before. As the course progress, they were all able to appreciate the lines that they drew, and were amazed by their own creations. The smiles on their faces were most touching and beautiful.